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Successful Hands-on Spectral CT Workshop

Logo of this courseOn the 10th and 11th of November, 2017 at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, a distinguished group of Doctors and Radiologists presented the first Hands-on Workshop which focused specifically on Spectral CT. The Workshop was led by PD Dr. Daniela Münzel and PD Dr.

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Sellerer, T., Noël, P. B., Patino, M., Parakh, A., Ehn, S., Zeiter, S., Holz, J.A., Hammel, J., Fingerle, A.A., Pfeiffer, F., Maintz, D., Rummeny, E.J., Muenzel, D. & Sahani, D.V.(2018). Dual-energy CT: a phantom comparison of different platforms for abdominal imaging. European Radiology, 1-11.

Braig, E. M., Birnbacher, L., Schaff, F., Gromann, L., Fingerle, A., Herzen, J., Rummeny, E.J., Noël, P., Pfeiffer, F. & Muenzel, D. (2018). Simultaneous wood and metal particle detection on dark-field radiography. European Radiology Experimental, 2(1), 1

Biomedical Imaging Data Science

A working group of the Department Bildgebung

The mission of the working group "Data Science in Biomedical Imaging" is to function as a bridge between data science research and image-related preclinical and clinical research. To achieve this mission, the working group develops and provides not only the necessary infrastructure but also algorithms to evaluate biomedical image data. Further, the working group actively engages with internal and external academic as well as industrial partners.

Main tasks of the working group include: