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Biomedical Imaging Data Science

A working group of the Department Bildgebung

The mission of the working group "Data Science in Biomedical Imaging" is to function as a bridge between data science research and image-related preclinical and clinical research. To achieve this mission, the working group develops and provides not only the necessary infrastructure but also algorithms to evaluate biomedical image data. Further, the working group actively engages with internal and external academic as well as industrial partners.

Main tasks of the working group include:

  • Set standards for data science infrastructure
  • Research and develop artificial intelligence algorithms for biomedical imaging
  • Test and evaluate biomedical imaging algorithms using large datasets
  • Address regulatory, legal and ethical issues
  • Define appropriate biomedical imaging use cases

Core Team:

PD Dr. Peter B. Noël (Speaker)
PD Dr. Jan Kirschke (Clinical Speaker)
PD Dr. Stephan Nekolla
Bernhard Renger

Open Positions:

We are always looking for highly skilled and motivated individuals to add to the research team. Please send us an email including your CV and let us know specifically what you find interesting and how your skills would contribute. Thanks!

For potential partners:

One function of the working group is to enable external partners to test and evaluate AI algorithms with clinically relevant data sets. Part of the local work is to provide the necessary infrastructure while fulfilling all regulatory standards. If you are interested in testing or evaluating your algorithms, please send us a detailed proposal.


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